Executive Coaching

Developing leadership that moves mountains

Gravity Leadership & Management offers executive coaching, strategic planning, and business consulting to a variety of businesses in many different growth stages.

Our professionals have helped leaders from small start-ups to those who own multiple business locations throughout the United States.

What is Executive Coaching?

Whether in business, sports, or life, everybody benefits from having a seasoned, capable coach who can help sort through the interactive dynamics, bring clarity to objectives, and keep people focused on the finish line. Executive coaching is all about having a trusted advisor and confidant whom the leader can engage with about organizational growth, change management, executive leadership skills, and making the kind of tough business decisions that truly have a lasting impact and move the team forward. 

Our executive coaching support includes strategic planning, key performance indicator (KPI) reviews, organizational policy development, employee climate assessments, staff interviews, and most importantly, personalized one-on-one leadership coaching and development. GLM’s leadership professionals are uniquely qualified to coach business executives because of our own years of experience leading diverse teams, developing leaders, and most importantly, running large, very successful organizations ourselves…because you can’t sing the blues until you’ve lived the blues!

Our coaching is designed for...

Chief Executives

Small Business Owners

Executive Team Members

Rising Leaders

Why do we help?

Managing a business can be stressful and overwhelming when you are doing it on your own. Sometimes you may second guess yourself or you may not be entirely sure if the next step is the right step to move your organization forward. A seasoned business consultant by your side can prove invaluable in making those tough business decisions. We know how hard it is to focus through the fog of business…we are here to help guide the way. 

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