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The most important components of any successful small business are having great employees, and superbly experienced and capable human resources management support! We understand the challenges of overseeing the myriad of HR activities required of business owners and the fact is, it’s very easy to be overwhelmed unless you have extensive personal HR experience and are keeping up with ever-changing employment laws. To make matters worse, human resources must be proactively managed in order to avoid lawsuits and other negative outcomes, and a small company owner just can’t keep up without sacrificing business growth and development.

GLM’s seasoned HR professionals developed a support solution targeted specifically to address this gap, and deliver it in a way that is seamless and transparent to your business. While we are located in San Antonio, Texas, we proudly serve clients throughout the country and our service model ensures that you feel supported. Many other companies offer human resources support, but what makes us unique is our availability, personalized care, and our years of experience as certified HR professionals. When you call us, you reach the same team…every day, every time!

Our Human Resource Support Includes

Recruiting and New Hire Assistance:

Development of Documentation For Company:

Development of Documentation For Staff:

Counseling, Consulting, and Disciplinary Action:

Additional Services:


Pricing is based on various factors such as the unique needs of each client, the number of employees on their team, and their work locations.

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HR 126 – Human Resource Consulting

HR 126 is a-la-carte HR consulting support for all aspects of human resource management and employee relations issues in your company Our HR professionals are available to review employment contracts, draft Employee Handbooks, review disciplinary actions, and help guide you through the ever-changing twists and turns of federal and state employment law to keep your business free from lawsuits.

$120 per hour

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