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Gravity's Marketing Strategies

Gravity L&M’s marketing professionals are skilled at attracting new customers using the power of design, technology, and buyer psychology. The goal is to ensure that our client’s business is every customer’s first choice. But how? Through creative and strategic design, we ensure our client’s business branding is always consistent and targets the right audience on every platform. Our marketing services create an experience for every customer when they interact with your brand whether it’s in-person, online, or over the phone.

What Makes Us Different?

Our team will always be in direct contact with you to provide analytics, new ideas, and improved strategies on a monthly basis. When you hire our marketing team, you hire professionals that get the job done quickly and efficiently.

Social Media Management

Social media is a marketing tool that is cost-free and can reach millions of people anywhere instantaneously. Most businesses already have social media accounts for their offices but most don’t realize the true benefits of using them. Posting content that is valuable to your followers is very important to gain their attention and trust which will lead to conversion and referrals. That means paying attention to the quality of the photo, design, and message attached to the post is vital to your brand’s success. 

Our marketing professionals will ensure that your social media accounts grow and create new leads for your business. When you hire us, you will never have to worry about forgetting to post to your accounts or feeling like you are not reaching potential customers. We will stay up to date with current trends and the ever-evolving social media platforms so you don’t have to! Contact us to receive more information on how we can improve your social media tactics and grow your accounts!

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Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Ad Management

Driving traffic to your business and website is crucial when you are a new or small company. Investing in Pay-Per-Click (PPC) can heavily increase customer exposure to your office. With this, customers are more likely to purchase your services or goods once they know more information on the service, its cost, and the reviews.

Gravity’s L&M marketing team will create and manage your advertisements as well as advise strategies that would benefit your business and ensure your ads are staying competitive. Feel confident that our professionals will always be in contact with you to update you on your advertisement analytics on a monthly basis. We always want to see our clients and their businesses succeed.

We highly recommend investing in these services if you want to grow your exposure at a faster rate. Contact us to receive more information.

Custom Website Design

Having a solid website design that is not only aesthetically pleasing but also properly functions and has a quick loading time is some of the most important things to have as a business owner. A website is a great place for your customers to get more information on your office, staff, and the types of services you offer. 

Our team has designed many websites that not only boldly display each business’s branding, but have a strategic layout to generate more leads and reduce customer frustration by including user-friendly features. 

From layout and design to a live website, our professionals will make the process of owning and updating a website easy! We include the construction of Search Engine Optimization (SEO), eCommerce, and hosting in our packages to ensure your website and its features are organized and everything is in one place and easy to access at any time!

Contact our marketing department to get more information on our website package.

Website Management

Making updates to your website should be quick, easy, and cost-effective. We can make the changes you need within minutes compared to other companies that take weeks to update or charge you monthly for work that is not even being done! We charge a-la-carte for every website update you need. That means when there are no website updates, we don’t charge you! Have a website that needs updates that were not built by our team? No worries, our team will do the work!

Contact us to receive assistance with your website.

Video Profile

Nothing makes a positive connection like a personal, recorded testimonial from you or your customers!  Video profiles on your website or looping in your office have been proven to create familiarity and trust between you and your customers…as well as developing a sense of confidence in your business. In just a few short minutes, video profiles can synthesize who you are, what you do, and why you are the best choice for them. It can also provide a quick rundown of your services, staff, location, and give a great visual impression of your business so you get the most from your “video curb appeal”!

Custom on-hold messaging

Often the first impression customers have of you is when they call into your business and are placed on-hold. While this might not be a desirable first encounter, getting put on-hold from time to time is an inevitable fact of life. But it doesn’t have to be a bad experience for your customers or your business! A smartly produced, custom on-hold message can tell your customers about you, what services you provide, and get them comfortable with your expertise and capabilities. All of this helps to build brand awareness, increase information retention, and promote your business! Custom messages are also available in Spanish!

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